Portland Veterinary Service


Vaccines shield dogs and cats from a range of bacterial and viral illnesses to which they might be exposed. In order to safeguard your pet against diseases that are common in your area, your veterinarian will tailor a vaccination program for them.

Pet Vaccinations


Through proper pet vaccinations, many diseases that can affect dogs and cats can be avoided. One of the secrets to a long and healthy life for your pet is to get them on the appropriate routine early. Special proteins found in vaccines help the immune system get ready to fight off particular infections. They function in two ways: either to totally avoid infection or to lessen the severity of such diseases when they do occur.

Since no single vaccination program will be ideal for every pet in every circumstance, we will work closely with you and your pet to determine exactly what they need to stay healthy. Our medical professionals and team members are extremely knowledgeable in veterinary vaccines, therefore we can create a customized set of vaccinations for your pet to meet their lifestyle.