Portland Veterinary Service


Pet Radiology


A radiograph, often known as an X-ray, is a sort of image that provides information about the inside of the body that may not be seen from the outside.

Our team can more accurately diagnose your pet’s health or disease thanks to our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. These cutting-edge diagnostic technologies enable us to more thoroughly analyze particular areas and offer a quicker and more precise diagnosis.

We use cutting-edge laboratory tools in addition to our digital imaging to diagnose and treat your pet for a variety of illnesses, including internal parasites, skin problems, cell identification, and more.

Digital Dental X-Ray

Dental radiographs help us assess the health of teeth and can help make decisions if an extraction is needed and help with oral surgery planning.

We provide digital dental X-rays. Our Progeny X-ray system offers the best possible digital images.

In-House Diagnostic Laboratory

We offer a wide variety of diagnostic testing. Complete Blood Counts, chemistry, urinalysis, fecal analysis, and microbiological cultures are a few of the available diagnostic tests. We also offer cytology testing and needle aspirates (microscope diagnostics). VetScan Imagyst is used to help our veterinarians make a timely and accurate diagnosis.